Accessible Trails Enhance Independent Retirement Living in Asheville

Spring is perfect for guided wildflower walks at Givens Estates

The Asheville area is a great place for Independent Retirement Living, with stunning scenery, mild weather, and lively culture.

But did you also know that Asheville has some of the best walking trails and hiking options in the nation?

No matter your skill level or preference, you can find a trail that fits your needs and wants. In this article, we discuss how hiking or a leisurely stroll can enhance your physical and mental health as a senior, and opportunities available at Givens Estates, an Independent Retirement Living Community in Asheville.

Here are some of the health and wellness benefits of walking and hiking:

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness, which can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
  • StrengthenĀ  muscles, bones, and joints, which can prevent or lessen the impact of osteoporosis, arthritis, and falls.
  • Improves balance, coordination, and flexibility, which can improve mobility and independence.
  • Can improve your mood, lower stress, and improve cognitive function, which can prevent or slow down the development of depression, anxiety, and dementia.
  • Provides a connection with nature, with fresh air, natural beauty, and a sense of awe and wonder in every direction.

Givens Estates has a wonderful system of maintained walking trails and pathways across its 215 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Learn more by calling 828-771-2203.

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