Former Givens Gerber Park Pickup Finds New Home, Thanks to Working Wheels Nonprofit

Working Wheels, a locally based non-profit that provides affordable, reliable transportation for Western North Carolina families in need, is celebrating its 300th program sale.

Joanna Bragg purchased her refurbished Ford F-150 for a subsidized price on March 27. When asked about the potential impact of this vehicle, she stated, “They changed our lives in one day, and how big of a blessing and impact this truck is really to me and my children… It’s huge.”

The 300th vehicle attracted media coverage with a news report by WLOS-TV and an article in the Asheville Citizen Times.

Andrew Crosson, project development coordinator at Givens Gerber Park, speaks on camera with reporter Taylor Thompson of WLOS.

Originally, a Givens Estates resident donated the1997 Ford pickup to Givens Gerber Park for their MANNA Food Bank delivery, where it provided many, many years of reliable service. Then, the Golden LEAF foundation awarded a grant to the south Asheville affordable senior living community to replace it with a new van. But the workhorse F-150 still had plenty to offer and was in turn donated to Working Wheels.

Working Wheels Executive Director Jamie Beasley stated, “We’re happy for Joanna and her family. It makes a huge difference to have access to a dependable car. We are also thrilled to be here today to celebrate 300 Purchase Program participants. We are picking up the pace and looking ahead at the next 300.”

Joanna will use the truck for daily transportation, as well as for her side business of landscaping and odd jobs.

“The donation of this pickup truck is all about neighbors helping neighbors and reflects the core values of Givens Communities,” said Geoffrey Cantrell, Public Relations Director for Givens Communities. “We want to be a part of the good things that Working Wheels is doing for this place we call home, and we are very excited that this truck will continue to be of use.”

Working Wheels is celebrating 10 years of work in 2024 and hopes to provide 50 affordable purchases and 375 discounted repairs through its programs this year. Working Wheels collaborates with 17 regional partners to identify the program participants who are given the opportunity to purchase vehicles for $610.

Vehicle donations to Working Wheels are tax deductible. The process is simple, and the impact is real. To read more about Working Wheels, please visit, where you can learn about donating a car and find a complete list of referral partners for both the Purchase Program and the Repair Program.

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