from the pages of givens discovery: creating photo storybooks with residents

Givens Highland Farms Healthcare Center has collaborated with 2nomi to share its residents’ experiences. 2nomi is an organization that focuses on person-centered care by creating photobooks of life stories.

The greatest way to express a person’s truth and to comprehend them is via their life story. These photobooks may be utilized to get a deeper understanding of a person’s needs, improve care and their experience in the community, and create cherished memories.

By adding life stories into their everyday routine, team members develop stronger personal and emotional relationships with their residents. Recognizing the life narrative of a resident enables caregivers to fully appreciate the individual and provide person-centered care. Families are heavily engaged in the creation of each photobook by contributing photographs and information about their loved one.

After the final product has been produced, a copy will be delivered to our Health Care Center to begin implementing the changes in their care plan. To improve the lives of our residents, Givens Highland Farms Health Care Center offers complimentary life story booklets. The Program Coordinator, Leanna Caro, said, “I am so thrilled to be a part of this initiative and to introduce it for our residents.”

Dr. Rick Kral, inventor of the software platform 2nomi, is a gerontologist committed to improving elder care. He recognized the need to understand the person and not just the patient. Kral then cooperated with other scholars, long-term care organizations and Western Carolina University to develop a simple technique to make and utilize life narrative photobooks for person-centered care.

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