Givens Career Growth Program Off to a Successful Start

This week, Givens Career Growth Program, a comprehensive performance strategy developed to support professional development of team members at Givens Communities, celebrated its inaugural success.

“In the senior living field in the past, the avenues for professional growth and development have – far too often – been limited,” said Kevin Schwab, CEO of Givens Communities. “We, at Givens, recognize the need for career development. We recognize the immense potential within each of our team members and the critical impact they have on the lives of residents, each other, and the broader community. They are the heart and soul of Givens Communities, each and every day.

“There is a transformative power in professional growth, lifelong learning and fulfillment of individual potential,” Schwab said. “That’s the triumph of our Career Growth Program, by providing those opportunities.”

Key program components include individual sessions and project creation. Over 13 weeks, participants explore, plan, and achieve career objectives through skill enhancement, career satisfaction, and leadership development. Weekly coursework includes individual and group coaching sessions, workshops, and a structured timeline of activities.

“For me, it is incredible to work for an organization that truly lives by its Mission, Vision and Core Values. There is a strong belief in the continued growth of its team members,” said Keith Robinette, Givens Career Coach, who initiated and leads the program. “I am so proud of each one who participated. Everyone has the potential to be exactly who they want to be, and it is wonderful to witness the change in confidence and see each one begin to stand in their own power. Empowering lives is what it is all about and I am honored to be a part of the journey.”

Eligibility and selection for participation is based on supervisor recommendations, job performance, in good standing with at least a year’s employment, and successfully completing an assessment process and creation of an individual development plan.

From left, Danielle Stringer, David Hock, Ellen Maddock, Keith Robinette, Elisabeth Garland, Dylan Lowery, Kim Wenger and Christine Wills.

On Monday, July 1, Givens Estates in Asheville saw 6 team members, and a colleague from neighboring Givens Gerber Park, graduate following their project presentations:

  • Christine Wills, LPN Home First Intake Coordinator, “Emergency Information Forms.”
  • Kim Wenger, EVS Coordinator, “Window Washing PIP.”
  • Danielle Stringer, Landscape Crew Lead, “Collaborative Team Development.”
  • Ellen Maddock, Givens Gerber Park Leasing Consultant, “Digitizing Recertification.”
  • Elisabeth Garland, Health Center Administrative Assistant, “Enhancing Information Accessibility.”
  • Dylan Lowery, Turf Crew Leader, “Composting Program.”
  • David Hock, Aging in Place Technician, “Technology and Aging in Place.”

On Tuesday, July 2, Givens Highland Farms in Black Mountain celebrated completion by 4 team members:

From left, Joey Abel, Keith Robinette, Melinda Wilson, Nick Brennan and Renee Davis.
  • Joey Abel, Navigator/ Social Worker, “Staff Community Circle.”
  • Nick Brennan, Life Enrichment Coordinator, “Empowering Seniors: A Guide to Creating and Leading Successful Groups.”
  • Renee Davis, Office365 Administrator, “TechPedia.”
  • Melinda Wilson, IL Supervisor- EVS, “Making a Difference.”

Learn more about professional development and career opportunities at Givens Communities here.

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