Givens Life Ministries Tackles Health and Wellness Disparities of the Region

As the outreach division of Givens Communities, Givens Life Ministries works throughout Western North Carolina to address health disparities of underserved, diverse and vulnerable populations by providing access to resources and education programs that empower individuals to experience improved wellness and quality of life.

Givens Life Ministries recently taught a Centers for Disease Control Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Program for seniors

Through partnerships with the Council on Aging, university nursing programs, along with nonprofit healthcare providers, Givens Life Ministries offers wellness programs across the region.

Offering free health screenings, chronic disease self-management programs, nutrition presentations, wellness coaching and education, more than 6,000 people across 13 counties are assisted annually.

Cheryl Wallen, director of Givens Life Ministries

The outreach program works inhouse to serve Givens Affordable Communities through a community nurse and resident services coordinators. This supportive services team approach is foundational to keeping residents educated, actively engaged and empowered to make life and health decisions that improve their quality of life

In addition, working with MANNA (Mountain Area Nutritional Needs Alliance), a not-for-profit service organization working to end food insecurity in Western North Carolina, Givens purchases groceries through a Resident Assistance Ministry gifts to help lower-income residents with nutritious meals and basic staples.


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