Graduation in Sight for Nurse Aide Training Program Students

The Givens Communities Nurse Aide Training Program Fall 2023 cohort is nearing graduation!

For course completion, students do a written exam, practical skills demonstrations, and a group project. This project is an opportunity for them to demonstrate in-depth knowledge on specific topics.

The groups chose “Care Approaches for Dementia Care” and “Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections in the Elderly.” Both groups performed skits demonstrating good practices as well as making informational handouts and posters.

The Givens Nurse Aide Training Program includes newly hired team members as well as current staff looking to “grow their career.” Trainees serve as resident assistants in Givens clinical settings when not attending class. After training, they take the state exam to become Certified Nurse Aides. Then they work for Givens with a 1-year commitment in exchange for all expenses related to tuition, textbooks, uniforms, and exams covered while receiving a full-time salary during training.

To inquire about eligibility for the Spring 2024 class, contact Kayla Welch, the HR Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist, at [email protected].

(828) 274-4800
90 Far Horizons Lane, Asheville, NC 28803