Mark Bailey Retires Following 35 Years of Determination and Success

Mark Bailey gracefully concluded his role as Director of Philanthropy and specialist in fundraising efforts on Feb. 29, marking an impressive 35 years of dedicated service to Givens Communities.

Throughout Mark’s outstanding tenure, his passion for our mission has been the catalyst for numerous successful campaigns and initiatives. His commitment to raising funds for Givens has etched an indelible mark on our organization’s success and impact. Mark’s expertise, enthusiasm, and ability to align the aspirations and needs of the senior living organization and its residents with philanthropic resources have not only raised critical funds but have also forged enduring relationships crucial to advancing our vision.

“As I step toward retirement after more than 35 years, I am filled with gratitude for the many meaningful friendships with our residents, my colleagues, and our Board of Directors,” Mark said. “I have always appreciated the countless thoughtful and reflective conversations with each of you. Your meaningful and generous support of Givens contributed to our successes and serves as a driving force for the impact we aim to make in the future.

“Words seem inadequate to convey my gratitude to those who have generously invested in our mission, either financially, through volunteering, or just by embodying the spirit of our mission. Your compassion and concern for the well-being of the people in our region and our Givens Communities are inspirational. Your unwavering dedication has made a lasting impact on me. May the Lord continue to shine on each of you and through you in all that you do. The Givens Communities family has helped make my life journey meaningful and memorable.”

If anyone wishes to honor Mark and his dedicated service, consider making a gift to Givens Cares or Life Enrichment, as these initiatives hold great significance to him and will leave a lasting impact for many at Givens Communities, mirroring the impactful legacy he has created.


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