Mission and Vision Statements Updated as Roadmap to Our Future

At the core of Givens Communities lies the ambition to stand as a national leader in senior living. [To view a video presentation of this announcement, click here.]

This largely comes from the dedication and commitment of team members, and the involvement and community spirit of residents. We develop innovations and find solutions. We provide help where help is needed. We see daily examples of Givens Communities at our best and it both humbles me and fills me with pride.

We have been led by a mission statement to improve lives through communities, services and outreach; and a vision statement to expand the possibilities for aging.

Along with our core values of commitment, caring, courage, and collaboration, those mission and vision statements have guided us in decision-making and strategic planning, and laid the foundation that our success has been built upon.

Which brings us to today and looking ahead to our tomorrows.

As many of you know, we are revising our strategic plan. Our focus will be on the resident experience, team members and furthering innovation, as we seek ways to grow our mission and offerings. To that end, we will engage the greater community and partners through outreach, and we must remain good financial stewards as a dynamic nonprofit organization.

During our work creating a robust strategic plan, we explored updating our mission and vision statements to better reflect who we are and what we stand for, while also giving us a renewed sense of direction. More than words can convey, the diligently crafted mission and vision statements define the very essence of everyone who comes together to be Givens Communities and what we do.

Our Mission: Creating Community, Empowering Lives

Our Vision: Endless Possibilities, Vibrant Aging

When the board unanimously approved this action, they recognized the importance of social interaction, community, friendship, empowerment, and providing opportunities for engagement. Setting the benchmark for providing the best in senior living, Givens Communities strives to demonstrate that age and aging need not limit the potential for growth, exploration, and personal fulfillment. We believe in a future filled with moments of vitality, purpose, and joy.

We remain steadfast in our dedication to sustainable growth – we will continue to be good stewards of our precious resources and maintain environmentally friendly communities and practices.

Givens Communities embraces the possibilities for good things in the future. Join me as we embrace the mission of creating community and empowering lives, with the vision of endless possibilities and vibrant aging.


Kevin Schwab, CEO of Givens Communities

(828) 274-4800
90 Far Horizons Lane, Asheville, NC 28803